About Me

"I have a dream." -Martin Luther King Jr.

I am a self-taught freelance artist. I have always loved art & spent countless hours as a child coloring the day away. But like many of us, my life veered in another direction & I headed off for college to Cornell University and continued on to obtain a MSW & MPH at Boston University. I then became a clinical social worker and counseled children of all ages to help them overcome many great obstacles in their very young lives. My passion for children led me to have three of my own and while raising them I became inspired to return to my own childhood dreams: to be an artist. I jumped back into the world of art and haven’t looked back since.
Today, I am bringing together my greatest passions in life: children, art, and helping others. I believe each soul is born with a dream that they want to live out & accomplish in life. I love to hear these dreams & help children visualize them with art. We are all born with a passion for life but often we need a little help along the way to keep our passion alive. Art is one of many ways we can reignite a passion for life. Art can inspire us to seek out our dreams and live life to its fullest potential. Some of us have a clear vision of what our dream is from the day we are born, some of us have some ideas but wonder if those are correct, and some of us have many obstacles in our way of achieving our dreams. Regardless of our situation we are all the same, we all have a dream. Why not ask a child today, “What is your dream?” and don’t forget to ask your own inner child the same question because we all have a dream we are meant to achieve and it is just waiting for us to succeed.
So what is your dream?

• April 13, 2016

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