Escaping Extinction

20% of all proceeds from original or prints sold will go directly to: Save The Leuser Ecosystem, which is being organized by photojournalist Paul Hilton National Geographic photographer, in partnership with Wildlife Asia, a non-profit organization.
To donate directly go to:
To view what they do please visit their website @ or Paul Hilton's Instagram link @ Paul Hilton (@paulhiltonphoto) • Instagram photos and videos Instagram › paulhiltonphoto
Endangered Species Status: CRITICALLY ENDANGERED The Sumatran Elephants which resides in the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, along with the Sumatran Orangutan, Sumatran Tigers and the Sumatran Rhino are, “all critically endangered and all clinging to survival in a small patch of rainforest. I am working with Wildlife Asia on the Elephant Patrols project and we are raising starter funds and this has never been done in the Leuser,” quote by Paul Hilton, renowned conservation photojournalist who is spearheading a project to try and protect the Sumatran Elephants, and all Sumatran species from extinction within this quickly disappearing Leuser ecosystem through his work as a conservation photojournalist. The site above is a direct link to his fundraising efforts for this region.
What you can do: Stop buying all products using palm oil. This includes but is not limited to many/most processed foods and many home health products. Read labels before buying. Look for the Rainforest Alliance Certification seal on products indicating sustainable harvesting. Run a business? Use sustainably harvested products where possible or contact your favorite businesses to encourage them to do so! Never buy any products involved with wildlife parts, such as ivory, fur, skin, etc.

• April 13, 2016

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